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18 June 2015 @ 10:09 pm
Each team has their own post to play in. Feel free to go nosy at the other teams :)

So it begins like this: someone posts a normal question
e.g. - Why does Richard always LEAP into battle?

You want to answer with a reason that is not the scientific/true reason but a reason that is silly/amusing/fanciful (hence the erroneous or wrong part of the title). Then it's your turn to ask a question and get a silly answer.

So you would answer: Because his boots have springs in the heels.

Here's the trick to the game though. When you reply I want you to hit reply to post not reply to comment. Why? So we don't have threads going off into the nether and everyone has to keep clicking on the title to read.

So it will go like this
Post 1: Question 1 here

Post 2: Answer to Question 1
Question 2 here

Post 3: Answer to Question 2
Question 3 here

et cetera, et cetera... Not that you all aren't allowed to simply respond to someone and says "That answer was awesome!".

If 2 people post answers at the same time to the same question the next person to go gets to decide which of the new simultaneously posted questions to respond to.


Feel free to chat on any comment you like - I will only be counting NEW comments (q&a).

Tuesday 30th June
31 March 2015 @ 08:23 pm
- Make all icons at the time the picture is posted (no old ones).
- Icons must be LJ standard 100x100 px blah blah blah.
- Always post the next screen capture with the last ones icon.
- You cannot make an icon from an image you have posted.
- If two are posted at the same time, the first reply is the one you use.
- Any screen capture or promotion/publication is allowed.
- Textures, colourings, text etc are allowed.
- Animations are not allowed.
- It doesn’t have to be pretty, it can be just a crop and post.
- Comments are unscreened.

Quick How To…
Step One: CLAIM THE ICON - reply to the picture to claim the picture.
Step Two: Create icon from picture.
Step Three: Create a NEW COMMENT and post the icon and the next image.

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05 September 2014 @ 09:15 pm
Deadline: 19 September @ 9pm GMT (Countdown)

In your team community there will be a post that starts off the challenge, I will post a request for something that I'd like to see. The next person to come along will post a reply to my comment with that somtehing in it and then posts a fresh comment asking for something they want. Its the same as Pass it on Icons where I would post a picture and someone replies with an icon made from that picture and a new picture for the next person. Only in this case, you can reply with a screen capture, a fic rec or something you've made.

For example:
Player1 wants "Ricahrd's Abz"
Player2 replies with a link: "http://i515.photobucket.com/albums/t354/natashaKR2/LotS/makingofalegend1101081017mkv_000128.jpg" (or the picture)
Player 2 then posts a new comment with their request: "Kahlan's Hair" and the next person replies and so on.

New Requests MUST be in new comments.

To help with the pass it on and avoid multiple posts for new things at once. Post your request before replying to the previous one. That way, everyone knows you are replying to the last request (also gives you time to make things).

See original post for more information.

Baby/Young Richard
Game Title: Swords and Agiels

Board Design:


Link to full size board

Money Design:

We went for Chance Cards rather than money


Example Front:

We made 32 chance cards, some of which advantaged the player, and some of which disadvantaged them.

List of All Possible Chance CardsCollapse )

Link to text document of all cards

Game Play Instructions

The rules are below the cut, and a text file of them is given at the end.

RulesCollapse )

Link to text document of all rules


We made four counters to start with, but more could be added if you have more players. You'd also need a standard die.

How Many Players: 4 - 8

Age Range: All ages

Team Members who helped:

01 March 2013 @ 10:03 pm
Here it is, folks. I hope you approve of it, and apologize once again for my tardy jump on things.

(Click to enlarge images)

(Just so that it's clear, everyone listed on the contents page wrote and made a graphic for their writing. I did not list myself because I only put it together.)
18 March 2012 @ 05:38 pm
You have until 30th March to make as many icons as you can!

Here's how it works:
1. I will post the starting picture in your team comm.
2. One person claims the image by replying to the comment
3. That person then makes an icon, either just crop or a little fancy (but as quick as possible)
4. They post their icon and a link to the next image.
5. Someone else claims that image and repeats from step 3.

First image is in the first comment.

(click on the thumbnail to see the full image)

download :: rar 58mb

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you

Title: Wicked Game
Author: zephyrmyst
Pairing: Nicci, mentions of Richard/Kahlan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nicci discovers a side of herself she never expected. Love is a wicked game

( She felt alive... )

Just because every thing's changing
Doesn't mean it's never been this way before
All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are as you head off to the war

A warning to the people
The good and the evil
This is war
To the soldier, the civillian
The martyr, the victim
This is war

Title: Sacrifice
Author: philstar22
Pairing: Richard/Kahlan
Rating: G
Summary: Richard's thoughts on Kahlan early in season 1.

SacrificeCollapse )

It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie
The moment to live and the moment to die
The moment to fight, the moment to fight, to fight, to fight, to fight

I've been believing in something so distant, As if I was human.
And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness, In me, in me.
All the promises I made, just to let you down
You believed in me, but I'm broken.

Title: Incurable Desire
Author: evelyngrace87
Pairing: Richard and Kahlan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kahlan finds herself getting lost in world where she could allow herself to love Richard.

( Incurable Desire )

I have nothing left, and all I feel is this cruel wanting.
We've been falling for all this time, and now I'm lost in paradise.

It's a game no one can win
It's the end that won't begin

Title: The Bond Between You and I
Author: mcc2040
Pairing: Richard/Kahlan
Rating: PG13
Summary: He made it too easy for her to feel, anything… which was the problem.

( At least they could have this; this everlasting tie. )

It's the everlasting tie
Between love and you and I

When I'm near you I don't speak, I barely look
I'm afraid you'll see it in my face

Title: I’ve Never Felt Like This
Author: bmaniavids
Pairing: Richard/Kahlan
Rating: PG
Summary: Zedd has left to hide one of the Boxes of Orden, leaving Kahlan alone with Richard and her thoughts. (Early-Mid S1)

I've Never Felt Like ThisCollapse )

I never stick, so how'd you get me stuck in this
Each time it, honey, drips right off of my lips
And now I wish you never got me stuck in this
But it won't show and you'll never know
I'll lay low and you'll never know

Things keep coming and I keep wondering
I start feeling the walls close in
Things keep coming and I keep stumbling
I start feeling I'm strong enough to break

Title: The Pain of Strength
Author: evelyngrace87
Pairing: Denna, Richard
Rating: PG13
Summary: Richard is enduring Denna's torture, starting to feel strong enough to break.

( The Pain of Strength )

I'm still holding on
The fabric is about to fray

While we have oceans
Rivers that still bring us life
Reasons to live in the moment
Hold onto your time

Title: Spirits
Author: alyse
Character: Kahlan
Rating: PG
Summary: What was gained is now lost to her again, lost to time and tide.

SpiritsCollapse )

Let your heart go where the wind takes it
Pure like the raindrops of time
Follow the path where it takes you
Straight down the line

Well we know I'm going away
And how I wish - I wish it weren't so
So take this wine and drink with me
And let's delay our misery

Title: Save Tonight
Author: AsheeBizzle2
Pairing: Richard and Kahlan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Richard has to leave for a long journey so Richard and Kahlan spend one last special night together.

( Save Tonight )

Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow - tomorrow I'll be gone
Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow - tomorrow I'll be gone

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

Title: His Destiny
Author: rialovescake
Pairing: Richard; small mention of R/K
Rating: G
Summary: Richard's thoughts on having to leave his home and fulfill his destiny. (during early season 1)

His DestinyCollapse )

Just because every thing's changing
Doesn't mean it's never been this way before
All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are as you head off to the war

You told yourself, years ago, you’d never let your feelings show.
The obligation that you made, for the title that they gave.
Baby, I’d love you to want me, the way that I want you, the way that it should be.
Baby, you’d love me to want you, the way that I want to, if you’d only let it be.

Title: You'd Love Me to Want You
Author: jlyncss
Pairing: Richard and Kahlan
Rating: PG
Summary: Richard struggles with his feelings for Kahlan.

( You'd Love Me to Want You )

Now it took time for me to know, what you tried so not to show.
But something in my soul just cries, I see the want in your blue eyes.

All alone he turns to stone
while holding his breath half to death

Title: The weight of the blood
Author: shalia74
Pairing: none (slight R/K)
Rating: PG
Summary: Richard's thoughts (sometimes post Fury)

The weight of the bloodCollapse )

Terrified of whats inside
to save his life he crawls
like a worm from a bird


alyse - theme suggestion, song provision, fic, layout
asheebizzle2 - theme suggestion, song provision, fic
ashleyjestine - theme suggestion, song provision, vid
ballecer - back cover
bmaniavids - song provision, fic, vid
christinaa88 - front cover
evelyngrace87 - theme suggestion, song provision, fic
jlyncss - song provision, fic
mcc2040 - theme suggestion, song provision, fic, general awesomeness
philstar22 - song provision, fic
rialovescake - song provision, fic
shalia74 - song provision, fic
zephyrmyst - theme suggestion, song provision, fic

Participation: 100% \o/
16 October 2011 @ 02:30 am
This challenge has been extended.

Make a Team Richard Header

Deadline: Sunday October 23rd 9PM GMT (5PM EST); For participation purposes, you will be PM'd if you have not yet done a Header, and that will be your given chance to get your Header in for participation!

  • During part B we took a vote, the color scheme for our new layout will be: Black & Gold with Red.
  • The Layout Theme chose was: Your Biggest Flan
  • Your header should be 800x400px.
  • Text,  texture, etc is allowed; just keep it to the size above. 
There will be no voting, 200 points will be given to our Team once the Team Header is in use. As we are making ours rotate, voting is not necessary.

When you’re ready to submit, submit a thumbnail with the URL to the larger image below it.

Comments will not be screened, as this is not a competition, so feel free to praise each other!
03 October 2011 @ 02:43 am
Before we get to the headers, let's choose our colour scheme and new layout. (We might as well redo our base, maybe it will boost your moral and the fresher environment will help inspire people to participate.)

To make this easier, I give you polls (lets pray they work this time):

What colour should we paint our new home?

Go Green you Stay Green
Blue, because it's what I feel without you
Yellow, Richard is just one kind fellow
Black, because you can never go back
Red, but we aren't Mord'Sith
Purple, teletubies are awesome
Other? Leave it below in the proper thread.

Choose one of the three mentioned below HERE.

What layout design do you like the best?

Template 47: "Surf Wax America"
Template 37: "Four Weddings and a Furneral"
Template 25: "Your Biggest Flan"

Once you have supplied us with this information, we will be able to gauge a size for your Header as they will all need to be proportional. There will NOT be voting for these Headers, they will all be featured in rotation. So get your participation while you can.

Challenge 8: Profile Challenge Teams
Deadline for submitting your work: Sunday 16 October 10pm GMT.
GRAPHIC PEOPLE: You MUST put together EVERYTHING in photoshop as a preview for the layout you want. Which means you will need to put the header up top and input the text below that. Sort of like designing the look in PS, it's not difficult. If you can copy and paste, you can move images and paste text. If you need further help or are still confused, feel free to ask.

Voting- Challenge 9: Light/Dark Icons
Deadline: Wednesday 5 October, 9pm GMT
Voting, shit doesn't get any easier.

Challenge 12: 24 Hours
DUE TODAY!! GO DO IT IF YOU HAVEN'T. 100-500 words, you CAN do it!

Challenge 13: Unscramble
Deadline: Friday 7 October, 9pm GMT
You are given a list, use it wisely.
27 September 2011 @ 05:53 am
Remember when I said Challenge 10 was going to be a little different? Well, this is what I meant by different. For this challenge, the objective is to do what we did for Challenge 4 with the Header Images.

Alyse thought it would be a good idea to have a 2-3 day discussion first to see if you guys want to do more than just a Header.

So what say you? Would you like to keep it simple and everyone make a header and then vote on which one to use for our Team profile? OR do you want to wipe the slate completely clean and start from scratch with a new header, theme etc? Do you want voting to be in 3's, 2's, or we all vote for just 1 header and unanimously decide which graphic goes up as our Team Header? Or do you want to do voting at all? (Alyse with the brilliant mind that she has, suggested we rotate headers so we're not "competing" amongst ourselves. Personally, I like this idea as it shows unity)

Should we give Richard a perm while we're at it and sharpen up his blade or bedazzle the shit out of it for a sparkling surprise?

This is part 1 to this 3 part challenge! So lay everything on me here!

Alyse and I were going to let you all decide if there should be voting for the header or not but then I re-read Muse’s “briefing” and apparently voting is a must as it will also count as participation points. This discussion will count as participation if you all decide NOT to do voting. (Voting can be done for extra things like a theme/layout/colour scheme/etc. If anyone is willing to do some extra work (we can always put the header to use in the meantime so technically the challenge will be over and we'll have our points and it can all be considered extracurricular.))

Challenge mission: ONE header.

You’ve the opportunity to suggest extra’s below so that we can give our Team page a complete make over. 

*Also I apologize for this being late, I had to work until 4AM this morning. I am completely exhausted.

**It should be known that this challenge is worth 200 POINTS!!! Points that we NEED! If any of you keep up with the spreadsheet, you would have noticed that we are a whopping 700+ points BEHIND the Confessors. We've got some catching up to do, so I need ALL of you to join in and participate. I've noticed that a recurring 3 to 4 of you are the only ones who pay attention to my posts over here. The rest of you NEED to join in for this challenge as it will only be posted here in the Team thread, and I'm sorry to disappoint but I am the one running it. So please, bare with me and then you can go back to ignoring me so long as you do the challenges.